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A break from the art for a good cause… please read.

Hey, as most of you don’t know, besides smashing pictures and words together and calling it “art” here at this site, I also write for a great music site for Pa musicians at I also unfortunately lost my father to cancer several years ago as you also might not know. Well, luckily, I’m in the position to use that first face and do something in reminder of the second. A great friend of mine is putting together a cancer benefit, 2 Moms Cancer Benefit, down at Naks by the Tracks in Exeter, PA, to benefit a couple of awesome women coping with the affliction, with proceeds for donations going to the survivors as well as the Cancer Research Institute.


If you have a moment, please, check this article out, and if you’re in the area, go head to Naks and see over 25 great bands support an even greater cause.


Its appreciated.


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