Hello world. goodbye web-comic. well, not entirely. but… i feel confidant saying “sort of.”


Unfortunately, kids and kiddettes, time has come for change and change, while not always popular, is often necessary.

No, no, I’m not into cutting. And, what? No. No, I mean, no I don’t even like MC5 anymore.

No, I mean a change to the format of this webcomic-blog thing. As I am going to be putting all of my creative efforts into a new website I am working on, one to house my novel and short story submissions, while being an interactive novel in and of itself, I will not have the time or resources to continue with the webcomic portion of this site. I know, I know, believe me, I, too, am deeply relieved. Howevever.

However, I will continue this blog in a normal blog-y fashion, with regular input from the brightly colored parts of my life no one wants to know about, new music, and some updates on my other creative projects. It should, no, it will be fun. You should check it out.

Or not.

I’m not your boss.

I’m just some text on a website.



But rest assured, if I was your boss, I would give you a raise.


Because you are beautiful. And now have incriminating pictures of me.